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Friday, November 18, 2011

Finding the Good

I just heard from my transplant team. My biopsy from yesterday showed no rejection! Whoop! They have instructed me to reduce my prednisone to 2.5 mg from 5.0 mg. Fantastic!!

When I saw the docs Wednesday in Infectious Disease they told me that CMV was undetected in my blood work. This is very good because it means the CMV has been managed and my body has responded. There has been concern that it may bounce up and down since it often happens to other recipients with CMV. And they often remind me that I had quite a case of it.

There is a balance to managing an infection with rejection. So to help my body respond to the infection the docs took me off Cellcept (an immunosuppresive med) for about a week and then I went back on a reduced dose. I was on 1500mg and then my reduced dose is 500mg. Big difference. I was worried that I would show rejection but nope! My last biopsy had minor rejection but nothing to make a change for. So I found the good in my battle with CMV! Since I'm managing on the reduced Cellcept, I get to stay there!

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