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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Give The Gift Of Life

Did you know that ONE tissue and organ donor can save up to 8 lives and enhance 75 others?

BECOME A DONOR!!!! Please take the time and become an organ donor HERE!! Help save lives. Make sure your wishes are known to your family as well.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spread the word.

Today I was part of a promotional event put on by Trillium Gift of Life at Wilfred Laurier University. They made organ donation forms accessible to those who wished to sign-up to be an organ donor. We also gave away t-shirts and little heart stress balls. I love these balls! There was also a man size board game of operation. The best score won an ipod touch! CTV visited the promotion at the University of Guelph on Wednesday and you can see that segment HERE.

I learned a lot about other peoples perspectives of organ and tissue donation. Some people are very sensitive to the subject. I can certainly understand that. It is very different for me since I am asking for an organ. It has always just been a choice of mine to donate all I can for the good of others. That comforts me today since the situation has changed. I would like to discuss a few of the misconceptions of organ and tissue donation. Please visit recycleme.org to answers any more of your questions and inform yourself. Canada has one of the lowest organ donation rates in the world! We need to make a change. Each individual only has a 2% chance of donating anyway. We need to spread the word to save lives. It is something you can do to make a lasting impact and give your death purpose.

My family would like to have an open casket when I pass, what will I look like if I donate my organs and tissue?
- You're body will be treated with the utmost respect. There will be no visible sign of organ donation, even if you donate eyes. They merely make use of the cornea, which can be considered a layer of onion skin on the eye.

I have filled out my organ donor card and it's on my driver's license, is this sufficient?
- Unfortunately, this is not enough. Often times a person's wallet is not with them in the hospital. You must register your consent with your health card. Hospitals have access to this and can respond in an appropriate manner. This form can be found here.

Will I recieve a new health card? I like having the old one, will I have to get a new one?
- If you have an old health card (red and white) you will recieve a sticker in the mail to apply to your card, and your consent will be registered. If you already have a new one, you will recieve another new card that will say DONOR on the back.

Are there any age restrictions? What if I'm already sick?
- The only age restriction is that a person needs to be 16 years of age to sign consent. Young and old donors are needed since there are young and old people waiting. If you have an existing illness your organs may still be viable. It is best to sign your consent and let the professionals decide on their condition.

I'm not comfortable donating my organs and tissue for medical research.
- You must understand that your body will not be used as you see on TV. It is as if your organs are donated, just for a different purpose. Your body will be released exactly the same. Only the organs and tissue will be used for research. From a different perspective, these organs are used to develop medications and cures to many diseases. You can be a part of that and let your legacy live on.

Thank you for taking the time to consider your organ and tissue donation consent. Please be sure to discuss your wishes with your family and friends. Feel free to ask any questions and I will use my resources to find the answer. You are probably not the only one with that question.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Toronto Star

Yet again Andrea is in the newspaper. Ahhh the life of the famous! You can read the story HERE AT THE TORONTO STAR.