A powerful journey from living with an artificial heart to a heart transplant....

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I would like to say it's the best thing since sliced bread... but I think I'm gonna say, It's the best thing since the LVAD! LOL


Organ and tissue donation is entering the 21st century. You can now register your consent online. You read it right! ONLINE!! This will drastically change the transplant community and save more lives. Making registration easy is a big step that will spread across the province. Thank you Service Ontario and Trillium Gift of Life for making this happen.

Check out my video! Grab your tissue... they did a really great job.

Another great feature to this website is that anyone with a health card and birthday can check if they are in fact registered. I have had many questions from family and friends as to when they will actually receive confirmation that they registered. Individuals are supposed to receive a new health card (if you currently have a new card) that says "donor" on the back and those that have old read and white cards would receive a sticker in the mail. People that registered over a year ago, maybe more, have still not received anything. This website can confirm that you are in fact, registered. If your name is in the registry, that's the important part. Having the sticker or word "donor" is not the important part, it's only for aesthetics.

Please visit the site. Share the link with others. Like it on Facebook. Tweet it. Whatever you do. Just spread the word.

I would also like to brag about the Life Donation Awareness Association!! Three of us are featured for this website! We are making a difference.

Ryley, such a cute, very polite and wonderful young girl, had her heart transplant at 7 months old. Her wonderful Mom, Joanna is a very avid member and promoter of the cause. She has reached out in many ways and continues to impact many lives.

Carol is also an avid member and a wonderful mentor to me. She has been incredibly helpful to get the group active and has run many events. I can't wait to see what else she has in store for the new year!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Biopsy #10

Well I had a biopsy last Thursday in Toronto and then saw Dr. Ross. My pressures are great! And I only showed a 1A rejection. While it's not zero, they still decided to reduce my prednisone. Yay!! I am now down to 10mg per day. This gives me hope that I will eventually be completely off the prednisone. Knock on wood.

I was told that I'm not drinking enough fluids. And water is not enough. Dr. Ross suggested I drink Gaterade, especially on the really hot days. It seems every time I go for a biopsy I hear the same thing... drink more fluids and eat more salt. I have a laugh every time. But seriously, I need to discipline myself to drink more. I will work on it.