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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summer Vacation

We finally got to have a summer vacation this year!!! I got to swim and run and canoe and fish... and not worry about getting wet! Or being far from the docs. Yippee!

My family cottage is on the Grand River near the mouth of Lake Erie in Dunnville. The family has been there for years. My Dad's grandfather, Gramps as we called him, built the cottage with his bare hands. Well, it has certainly grown since. It now has 5 bedrooms, a flushing toilet and flowing water. But it's not about the building to be honest... It's a place that we can go to be with family. It would be very different without the cottage. I love seeing my family throughout the summer and having a wonderful place to enjoy each other.
Mom and Dad got a new family boat this year! It's awesome! I never missed an opportunity to go tubing with my niece, Mya and my nephew, Owen. I never missed an opportunity to swim either! Such a great summer! Thanks Mom and Dad!

The new boat! And Owen, Mya and Uncle Shaun.

My hubby skiing!

Auntie A and Mya tubing!

Uncle Shaun loading Owen into the tube!

We are so lucky, we have a second family cottage! Whoop! This one is much farther away and tougher to get to. But oh so relaxing. The Clegg's have a cottage up in Golden Valley, south west of North Bay. It takes about 5 hours to get there from our house. The cottage is boat access only and no cell reception. So you can see why I didn't want to go up there while I was sick and waiting for a heart. But we finally got there! Yippee!

Shaun fishing off the rock while Sadie watches in eager anticipation.

Yay! I caught one!

I can't believe you left without me....

Chili is not a big fan of swimming... but with his thick coat he was relieved from the heat!

Ah...much better...

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