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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Skydive So Others Can Stay Alive

How many Mom's will jump from a plane to support their daughter?? MINE!!

Carol, my Momma, is planning a fundraiser to raise money for Toronto General Hospital, specifically for transplant and mechanical heart research. The reason I am alive today. She will be skydiving at the Niagara Skydive Centre on Saturday June 18th. This is a small way we can show our appreciation for the hard work that has been done for our family.

Over time we have actually created a great team to jump with my Mom. I'm really excited!

Carol, my Mom
Steve, my Father-in-Law (maybe)
Dana - heart and double lung recipient
Janine - her father passed away and saved many lives by donating his organs
Paula and her son Matthew - Paula's husband is waiting for lungs

Our intent is also to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation. The Life Donation Awareness Association will host a booth at the event to share our cause and get conversations started. Jumpers have contacted local media and vendor support.

Please visit http://www.tgwhf.ca/sites/testyourlimits/skydivingforandrea/index.asp for more details and to make a kind donation to this life-saving hospital. It is important to note that all monies donated go directly to the hospital, the jumpers pay for their own jump.

I would like to take a moment to tell you that I have the bestest Mom anyone could ask for. She has been right beside me through my whole journey. She has altered her lifestyle to support me in every way. I haven't been the easiest daughter to deal with over the past while, which I'm sure you are all so surprise to hear, haha.... But my Mom has tolerated my moods very patiently and never made me feel like I was a burden. And to top it all off, she's jumping from a plane!! I joke that I would like to go up with her to push her out! That's my way of encouraging. I'm not gonna lie, it still makes me a little nervous, but it's something she has wanted to do for a long time and I support her dreams 100%! Thank you for being a great Mom. You are where my positive perspective comes from and my desire to help others.

We are hosting a day at the skydive centre in Dunnville and we would love to have anyone come out to support us and watch everyone land safely. Your support is very important on a personal level and also as a mission in my journey. Saving the lives of people that have traveled a path such as mine gives me strength to face my challenges with my head held high. This is my passion and with your support we can make life-saving a reality.

Thank you from the bottom of my second heart.


  1. Andrea- I'm always so glad to hear you're doing great!

  2. i can't wait to hear about how the day went! you're all SO brave :D