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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pump-Pal Stars!!

I'm so happy to share that two of my friends and "Pump-Pals", Pam and Janet were featured on CTV Southwestern Ontario (local to Kitchener) to promote organ and tissue donation. It was great to see them exercising and sharing their story. I find that personable stories have a greater impact.

Pam has a Heartmate II, the same as what I had and Janet has a different kind of LVAD called Heartware. I don't know as much about Heartware but it is similar in concept to the Heartmate II. Both Pam and Janet are avid volunteers in the Life Donation Awareness Association of Midwest Ontario and are helping to make a difference in the world of organ and tissue donation.

Great job Pam and Janet!!

You can see their segment here.


  1. Andrea, I stumbled onto your blog when searching for information about you and your condition and found it just days before your transplant. I'm so pleased for this wonderful chance you've been given and how dedicated you are to the strict regime you need to follow.
    Just want you to know the RNs in the CCU at SMGH were/are all thrilled to hear you received a heart and you continue to do well. You are one of those patients we remember fondly. You are an inspiration to us all and a reminder that we sometimes have a hand in helping miracles happen.
    Wishing you continued health.--A RN from the CCU at SMGH

  2. that's awesome! We've been warned by the doctors that my husband may end up an LVAD, so I've been doing research on them.

    I found your blog a day or 2 after your transplant and was instantly excited for you! My husband was listed for a heart on Dec 3rd after almost a year of tests and meds, and more tests.

  3. Commenting on the video -way to go Pam, Janet and Andrea! You are doing so much to alert people of the importance of becoming donors! Bravo! For those of you having difficulty seeing the video -don't just click "play", but instead see the choices on the right of the screen and click the one about organ donation :0)