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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone had a very good Christmas today! I know that I did! I got to spend the morning with my boys, baked a pumpkin pie and a lemon poppyseed loaf. We then packed up and headed down to Toronto to be with Andrea, Shaun, my parents, my sister and Andrea's mom and dad.

How is Andrea?

Well to start, she was moved out of the ICU and into step down! This happened yesterday later on in the afternoon. Hard to believe that less than 72 hours after receiving a new heart, she was already being moved out of the ICU eh?

She is without any IVs and the line that was in her neck is also gone!

She is still having issues with her right arm/hand and her legs being "tingly". Neurology did see her two days ago and she was sent down yesterday afternoon to have an MRI done. No word yet on if they saw anything or any idea on what exactly is going on with her. Again, we just hope that it is either to do with the medications she was on, the way she way laying for so long or even just a pinched nerve.

She is also very very tired, but I am sure that anyone would be given what she just went through! Pain is also an issue, but again, who the heck wouldn't be in pain after what she just went through?! She said to me tonight after I told her she looked good that "the doctors keep telling me I am doing well, but I don't feel very well." BUT being only 96 hours out, again, expected.

I did some work on the keepsake book that I wanted to give to her today and although I didn't "finish" it, I did take it with us today to give to her. I felt that today being Christmas was a good time to do so :) I had taken it in with me initially when I first got there and went in to see her, but every time I even thought of giving it to her, I would feel the tears coming. So I ended up walking out of her room with it still in my arms. However, after we all ate dinner and she was on her way out I gave it to her then. And I am proud to say that I did very well! Yep, Ms Emotional didn't break down! And by the way, you can still send a message for Andrea as this will be a work in progress for a while, I am sure!

I felt really special tonight because I got a text from Andrea telling me that it was her second text since her new heart and that I got her crying. Its kind of a joke between us, because she is always making fun of me and how emotional I am. My tears always fall easy! I felt so special because I was also her FIRST text :)

Here are some pictures from our MOST AMAZING Christmas!!! It still doesn't feel real at times that Andrea has her brand new heart! I found myself sitting there a couple times tonight just looking at her and thinking just how freaking incredible it is that the heart in her chest beating came from someone, somewhere that we do not know. I know I have already said this, but MAN, I can't even tell you how amazing it is!!!!

"Just follow your heart and you'll never get lost"

Funny how some things turn out too. I had bought the above plaque for Andrea about six weeks ago. Perfect? I say so. 

I know that this Christmas is probably a horrible time for the family and friends of the donor who gave the gift of life to Andrea. I can't even imagine the sorrow that they are feeling and then being so close to a holiday....I am sure it is just THAT much worse. I often wonder if they are curious about the heart and where it went. If they know just how much it means to us. If they realize that they have done the most amazing, incredible thing that could EVER be done. So many questions. I hope that they have some peace and comfort in knowing that other people have been given a second chance. My thoughts and prayers are with the donor family every day now, and especially tonight.



  1. Thank you so much for updating us on Andrea!!

    I am keeping her in my prayers even though she is making remarkable progress.

    As a recipient, I know it's a long road, so steady progress is always good.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to Andrea, as well as all of her friends and family.

    God Bless!!

    Don @ My2ndHeartBeat

  2. Yes, it was an incredible day. Andrea is Awesome! But I also want to thank Shannon for her Awesomeness! She has been much more than a sister-in-law to Andrea. She has been support, an ear when Andrea needed it, a shoulder to cry on, a ride, a hug, great deserts, fantastic crafts and scrapbooking, our techy person for letting loved ones know what's happening on this blog and on facebook, and a total sweetheart for our Andrea in the time of her biggest needs. Of course, we all know Shaun has been amazing too, but that's for another time! Shannon- thanks from Dave and I for your huge heart and love for Andrea!!!(PS Shannon -can you put this on the blog where others will see it, not just at the comment part please?)