A powerful journey from living with an artificial heart to a heart transplant....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Bump-bump, Bump-bump, Bump-bump

It's beating very strong! I can feel it loud and clear! ...could be all the drugs....

Shannon - Thanks so much for all your updates. (Please continue since this is difficult with one hand...)

Shaun - It doesn't get much harder. I thank you for your strength and love. You should not have to carry your young wife to the bathroom. I treasure every moment my heart beats with you. I love you always.

Mom and Dad - Thanks for staying with us and helping care for your high-mainenance daughter! Even though encouragement is challenging right now, I need your help. Lots of love!

The docs came in to see me today and all is good. They want me to take my pain meds, I don't like how they make me feel but I will suck it up. They want me to use my breather thing (sparometer) 10 times per hour because it opens my lungs. And they want me up and moving. Check, check and check! They say there is a spectrum, the good, the bad and the ugly and I'm on the good side.

I've got a biopsy scheduled for Wednesday and maybe home this weekend! YAY!

Lots of love and hugs all around!


  1. Wow, its all so amazing.
    To think home so soon, ready to live your life easier than you have been able to do for years.
    All the best with it :)

  2. Andrea I am so happy for you and your family. Your recovery has been amazing and inspirational to so many.Pam and I have been just thrilled following your progress.Stay on the good side and before you know it your and Shaun will be home to start your new life together surrounded by so many people who love you. Hope to see you again when you return home and gain your stamina back.Continued thoughts and prayers for your recovery.Kathy

  3. Andrea,

    The insperometer is very important, you lungs could stay clogged up for weeks without it. Also, with you walking, they are gonna get you outta there as soon as possible. With your newly suppressed immune system, you (as I was) are susceptible to all kinds of hospital-specific diseases.

    As for the pain meds, I hear ya, but there is a method behind there madness. Studies show that people who aren't in pain heal much much faster. It important, don't worry, I managed to leave the hospital Vicodin-free, and was on simple tylenol in no time, you should be fine after a dew more weeks. Just be easy on your recently sawed-open sternum.

    On last piece of advice. Be a squeky wheel with your doctors. First, small things can be serious. Plus, a lot of time they can something about stuff. Naeseous all the time, they may be able to adjust your meds. Biopsy too painful, let them know, they might adjust the local anesthesia. You get the idea.

    Good luck, welcome to a new world, where some dang-nabit machine doesn't keep you awake all night.

  4. Abolutely incredible....
    10 days later and hopefully heading home.
    I hope to get up to visit once you get settled in and get a bit stronger.
    Good speed hun,
    hope you're feeling better each and every day!!!

  5. It's so wonderful to see that you are getting stronger every day. No surprise that a fighter like you is doing so well! All the best from you friends at St. Mary's Hospital.

    Anne Kelly

  6. Hi Andrea
    Use the incentive spirometer as it will prevent pneumonia! Take the analgesia, it is not forever and it does aid with healing. The biopsies are a necessary evil but Dr. Daly is the best at them so you are in good hands. Just had mine on the 23rd. You will get the results in 24 hours through the easy call system once you are home. Warning: it takes about 2 hours for pharmacy to get your meds ready on discharge day.
    Nurse SUe