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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Toronto Sun Article and Controversy

There was an article about yours truly in the Toronto Sun this past weekend. It was well done and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Heart pump saves patient

I hope this can get the point out about organ and tissue donation. I think it's more direct to that aspect as opposed to focusing just on my story.

Now here's the controversy part. If you go back to the article and click on the "Comments" tab. You will see this comment below by a person chosen to be referred to as Slappy.

"so given the natural course of things, this person shoul dhave died due to this condtion, but thanks to my tax dollars she id being kept alive after her due date. why do people fear death to the point of becoming a burden on the medical system in order to prolong the inevitible? at some point she will have to accept her death"

That's right. Taken directly from the website. There are several great replies after that idiot. Many that make me laugh. I certainly felt the need to reply as well as some of my family. It's clear that this person has no clue what he's talking about and has many of his/her own issues to deal with. I pity this person for the sadness and negativity in their life. Check it out. You will enjoy some of the comments.


  1. Andrea, you are amazingly brave! "Slappy" is completely ignorant and has no clue what he or she is talking about. The last thing you need is negativity, please don't take those ridiculous comments to heart....literally. I am 29 years old and have heart failure, ischemic cardiomypathy and an ICD. For now I am stable but I may one day go through the same journey as you. I have been a patient of Dr. Heather Ross at TGH since my initial heart event in 2008. I just moved to Cambridge and go to St. Mary's for Cardiac Rehab too. I've been reading your blog after seeing your touching story in the glass case....it brought me to tears. I'm so grateful to you for creating much needed awareness for organ donation. You're awesome!:)

  2. Oh wow! It's so crazy that you are in Cambridge too! It's so nice to know that my display has reached someone. I would love to connect with you through email. My comments on here are moderated so if you send me your email in a comment I will not post it to the public. Would love to chat!