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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Life Donation Awareness Association

I am on a mission to find passionate volunteers in the Waterloo/Wellington area.

I have been empowered by my illness to make a change. Organ and tissue donation has become a passion of mine.

I would like to start an association, the Life Donation Awareness Association of Waterloo/Wellington, to promote organ and tissue donation. We will work closely with Trillium to pursue and execute awareness events and integrate our cause into the community. This idea has been very successful for the London Gift of Life Association. Awareness is the most challenging barrier to save more lives with organ and tissue donation.

I have sent out invitations to volunteers in the community and I really hope to get some response. I strongly believe we can make a significant impact on organ and tissue donation.

If we work together through our challenges, we can make a difference.

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