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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm 1 year old today!! Poem from Shannon

Shannon wrote this beautiful and touching poem for my one year Heart-aversary.

To my amazing sister Andrea on her one year anniversary......

A year ago the call we had been waiting for came through
Time seemed to stand still as we waited anxiously
To get word that this was the perfect heart for you.

I will never forget that moment when I heard it was a go,
The tears immediately began flowing
My joy and excitement was more than you even know.

I couldn't stop jumping up and down and screaming YES!
I remember Ashton watching me,
Thinking I was crazy and emotional I would guess!

Thoughts of the donor and their loved ones came my way,
Somewhere a family was saying goodbye
Giving a gift that we could never ever repay.

You were definitely given the absolute perfect heart
And for this we are all so very thankful.
We knew one day it would happen, right from the very start.

Andrea, I love you very much
And I am happy to celebrate your rebirth-day!
And can't wait to see you continue your journey of life


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