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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Movie Star!

Trillium Gift of Life Network is making a major change in the organ and tissue donation world. I'm very excited!! Online registration is on the horizon!

The current system for registering consent is rather cumbersome. If a person has an old red and white health card, they need to take it upon themselves to go online, print off a form and mail it to Service Canada. If a person has a new picture health card they may be asked at Service Ontario when they renew their health card, however, the environment is not the most appropriate for making such a big decision. With the new online registration all they need to do is go online, click click, done. I really feel that this will impact the number of Ontarians registered to donate their organs and tissues and in turn, save more lives. This change is long overdue and long anticipated.

So, to promote the new online registration, TGLN asked me to be a part of their new website beadonor.ca that will launch later in June when online registry is live. They want to tell individual stories to motivate others to register. I agree, when people can see the real success of transplants and the lives it impacts, they are more likely to say yes.

I was treated like a movie star! It was quite an exciting day! They asked me to bring 3 changes of clothes with specific requirements, two pairs of shoes, a belt, pictures and any relevant "props" to assist in telling my story. I had a big handful walking into the studio! As you can see from the pics below, I had my makeup done and they picked out my wardrobe. (I match wonderfully with the plant on the side table.) There was a big team involved, I would guess about 15 people in the studio. Such a nice group of people! I felt very comfortable.


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