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Friday, March 25, 2011

No Rejection!!

Whoop!! Yay!! Yippee skippee!!! Grade ZERO rejection!

Out of 8 biopsies, this is my second grade zero. Finally. The docs just lowered my tacrolimus from 4+3 mg/day to 3+3mg/day. I hope this will help with the tremors.


  1. congrats! i'm on 3+3mg of tac, and i'm 12 years out! so you're doing well :) hooray for no rejection!

  2. Andrea,


    Here's what I did ....

    1) Sat on them, that STOPPED the shaking.

    2) Never ate soup without wearing a raincoat.

    3) Never ate peas without wearing safety glasses.

    It WILL get better!!

  3. AWESOME! Truly awesome! Being a zero is a really good thing with a transplant! Congrats! So glad to read this...let's keep you and Mackenzie the same next time!