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Friday, January 14, 2011

Biopsy Number 3

Well I had my third biopsy yesterday. It was a crazy long day. My Dad was my butler/driver. Thanks Dad! I had the biopsy done at 7:15 am, clinic at 10am and then down to echo for 1pm. The team from Global went in for my clinic appointment with Dr. Ross. She spent some time with me addressing my questions and concerns. She is very comforting and made me feel much better about everything.

I snapped a photo of my biopsy. You can see the tiny red dots at the bottom of the bottle.

"I want you to come on, come on, come on and take it,
Take another little piece of my heart now, baby, (break a...)
Break another little bit of my heart now, darling, yeah. (come on)
Hey! Have another little piece of my heart now, baby, yeah.
You know you got it if it makes you feel good,
Oh yes indeed."

I'm really happy because the nurse called today to tell me that I have NO REJECTION!!! YAY!!!! The best part is that I don't need to spend the weekend getting more needles and drugs. The transplant team also decided to slightly reduce my Prograf, an anti-rejection med. Hopefully this reduction will help with the tremors I've been experiencing. All is well.


  1. I think you'll find that med reductions will be pretty steady, as you go along. Within 9 months to a year you'll be at your stable dose. I'm 2.5 years out and haven't had a med change in over a year. But I will give you a piece of advice,

    "Don't hang the success of you transplant on your medication list or your dosages, you will drive yourself crazy, and for no reason."


    PS - Thanks for posting the picture of the LVAD on your old heart, I always wondered what it looked like - crazy, I wonder if my BiVAD looked even crazier.

  2. I just read your story in the Tribune and wanted to say congrats on your new heart (and that it wasn't rejected)!
    It's great to see that instead of letting this experience get the better of you, you have managed to be better because of it (one of my mottos, love it)