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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Biopsy and Meds

As Shannon said earlier this week, I had my first biopsy on Wednesday December 29th. It's the first of a strict routine. I will be going for a biopsy every week for a month and then every two weeks for a while and gradually less regularly as time passes.
I got the results from the biopsy and there is no rejection at this time. They told me the white blood cells are passing through but not attacking my heart. My Prednisone has been lowered already. While this is a good start, I do expect rejection at some point but it does not worry me. My transplant team is monitouring me very closely. I've got a great team!
As for the meds I take, I'm sure many of you are interested. Right now I take 30 pills a day of about 12 different types. Three of those types are anti-rejection meds, Prednisone, Celcept and Prograf. Very powerful stuff. Other meds are to prevent infections such as CMV and PCP Pneumonia. Most of the other meds are supplements to help prevent the major side effects of the anti-rejection meds. One major side effect for women is Osteoporosis so I take lots of calcium and vitamin D. Another side effect is high cholesterol so I take one med to help control my cholesterol. Here's a pic of my daily med container.


  1. ah, they joys of prograf. The one thing I will say, the tremor does settle once your dose is lowered.

  2. We are so glad you are doing well! I can't believe the number of pills you are on, but in time I am hoping that they will be cut down!!

    I'm sure the hardest part for you is stopping yourself from doing to much, you aren't one for sitting around and patiently waiting. I'm sure you are ready to take on the world again :)

    We wish you a speedy recover, and hope to see the new you soon :)

    Liz and Drew