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Friday, October 1, 2010

St. Mary's Rehabilitation Centre Open House

The St. Mary's Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre was recently expanded and renovated. To promote the changes to the centre, the staff hosted an open house today. Past program participants were invited as well as hospital staff.
I was personally asked if I wanted to include a booth at the open house to promote my organ and tissue donation apparel. I was very excited for this opportunity to not only include my products, but to encourage more people to register to be a donor. After all, that's the goal of the apparel I have designed anyway.
So I got busy making plans and gathering pamphlets and giveaways. Trillium supported the booth and provided information to share with people and register donors.
I also included my good friend, and pump=pal, Pam. She is the other person in Cambridge supported by an LVAD. She has also been attending rehabilitation classes at the centre. Pam was a great addition to the booth and added some additional enthusiasm to registering for organ and tissue donation. Thanks Pam!
There was some media present to help promote the Open House and Pam and I were included in the CTV segment (watch here) and the report in Waterloo Record (read here). The CTV segment was brief but hit the point of promoting the importance of the rehab centre. The Record story had a little more detail and included a little more personal perspective from Pam and me. I was very happy with both reports.

All of the staff involved in the open house:

The Pump-Pal workin' the booth:

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  1. Sounds like a great event. So inspired by all you are doing to educate and put a voice to something I knew very little about.