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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Normal Wedding for a Normal Lady

I went to a wedding this past weekend and it was absolutely beautiful! We were treated like royalty. The day was beautiful and the party was tons of fun!

Well, I got to wear something an LVAD patients longs for, and a normal woman often takes for granted. I wore a dress!!! That's right!! A dress!!!

If you can remember, the drive line for my LVAD exits at my abdomen. Making long shirts and dresses impossible. Well I took my dress to a seamstress and got a zipper put in the side. It starts from the top and goes down the side to close where my drive line can comfortably come out of my dress. I had to make the opening big enough to fit the controller because it NEVER can be disconnected. That would mean the pump would stop pumping. It's a very uncomfortable feeling, physically and emotionally. I am completely dependent on the pump.

I also found a black satin ribbon that I wrapped around my drive line. Since my purse is black, the white stands out. And the LVAD is going to the wedding too! It wants to dress up like me!

It was nice to go to the wedding and not be centered out about my illness. No one even noticed I had a big tube coming out of my side! I was even on the dance floor bustin' some moves!

Here's a couple pics.




  1. You looked fabulous! I love that your LVAD got to dress up too!

  2. Glad you had a nice time at the wedding and how creative with the beautiful dress.

  3. You are an inspiration - LOVE your inventiveness with the dress! My 17 year old son got his shiny brand new hear almost 4 years ago - what an amazing journey this has been so far! I will be praying your get THE call SOON!!

  4. Smashing Lady!! You have always found great fashions, and still will! Glad you had a great time too.