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Monday, August 2, 2010

Focus On You Photography

Since I'm famous, I have some obligations.

Just kidding.

I was invited for a photo shoot session with a photographer my Mom got to know. Mom told her about my story and she was kind enough to offer a session to have a little fun. And it was definitely fun. She has a beautiful place in the Niagara area for some really great shots. I've included a few to share our fun and laughter.

I think the pictures really portray my connection with my LVAD. It's a part of me and there is no sense hiding it. I am proud and willing to show the world. Especially if I can make people laugh!

The pictures turned out awesome! Thanks Kim!

For more information on Focus On You Photography visit the website at www.kimcartmell.com.


  1. You sure have got quite the light-up-the moment smile there! Great shots, thanks for sharing.

  2. These images are fantastic!!
    Fave of course is the one of you sporting the "guns."

    Dropping by from the trach forum as your wonderful sister hooked us up.

  3. Found your blog through your sister on the trachboards.

    You are beautiful inside and out! Having a son that died from his CHD and knowing many, many families that have gone through a transplant, I can't tell you what an inspiration you are!

    Praying for the perfect heart!

  4. All these pictures are so great! And I love the humor of the one with the "guns". I'm sorry you're in the position of needing a heart transplant, and hope you get it soon.