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Friday, June 18, 2010


I spent some time with a special pump-pal today. Pam was given her LVAD a few months back and also lives in Cambridge. The world is incredibly small. Her heart disease is the same as mine, idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. She has been living with heart disease much longer than me. I guess over the months prior to implanting the LVAD her condition deteriorated quite quickly. Pam really looks great. You would never guess all the things she has endured.

I really enjoyed spending time with her. She carries her LVAD in an over-the-shoulder-type bag, off to one side. And she told me of an amazing invention. She has split the bottom of her shirt on the right side, hemmed it, and put Velcro on it for easy removal. Such a great idea! I could use this idea to wear dresses. Brilliant!

It was nice to talk with someone that has been through the same thing. With there being only about 7 people out of Toronto General Hospital with an LVAD, it's not easy to get two of us together. Funny how 2 out of 7 are in Cambridge.

Here's a nice pic of Pam and me.

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