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Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Year.

Today marks my one year anniversary with Shaun.

It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed by. It's been the hardest year but also the most amazing year. We have endured an incredible challenge, and grown from it. You can really learn alot about people when they are put in hard times. Shaun has stepped up to the task and taken care of me through the best and the worst. I would not be here without him.

For a long while he was literally, doing everything. He would vacuum and scrub the floors, do the dishes, clean the toilets, wash the laundry, dust the shelves.... He would also wash my hair, scrub my back, change my dressing, cook my meals, get me my slippers, fluff my pillows. He would drive me anywhere I wanted to go and get me anything that I needed. What kind of man has done all that for his wife in their first year of marriage? You'd think I would have scared him away. Nope. Not Shaun. He says he would do it all again.

Now that's a real man.

In one year we have shared many laughs and many tears. The deepest tears and the loudest laughs. We have grown individually and as a couple.

There is nothing I resent or hate about this experience. It is a part of who I am, who Shaun is and who we are together. It's been hard, but I always say....

"It is in our weakest moments we find our true strength."

Shaun, you are everything to me. You are more than everything. You are my strength, my courage and my hope. My love for you is so deep, that I will never find the bottom. Thank you for your love and for being you.


  1. Shaun, thank you for your part in helping our world's manhood to grow up and be real men. For honouring your love. For sharing the joys and the hurts. Well done, mate. See when you do that, you get great wives like we have......

  2. Thanks for making me cry Andrea. I have tears running down my face. You guys are just plain amazing. I love you both SO much and hope for nothing but the best in your future together. XOXOXOXO

  3. Yeah! Tears are hard to fight off when we read what you write and well, let's just say that we are so proud of you both and love you very much!! Think you saw that at Dad's birthday dinner!! You are both truly "amazing"!!! love Mom & Dad C. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. We have seen many of those "attributes of Shaun" as well Andrea. Often parents say no one is good enough for their daughter. We don't say that! You found the right man. He didn't need to prove himself, but he has! May you have many many more years of bliss together! We love you both! (I can't believe it is a year either!)