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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a check-up.

Today I had a scheduled follow-up appointment at Toronto General. It's always nice to see them and have reassurance that everything is as it should be.

I had an echo first. The tech DID find a heart in there, or something that resembles a heart anyway. That's good. And Dr. Ross has decided to reduce my Sildenifil (Viagra) to twice a day instead of three times a day.

Yes, my friends, I take Viagra.

No, I cannot give you any. And no, it doesn't do "anything" for me.

I was also very excited to run into another pump-pal! He was implanted sometime in January or February of this year. It's always a pleasure to meet these people. I feel like I'm part of a special club and the people in it are not only wonderful people but actually happy to be part of the club. Well, no one wants to go through this but we have been given this gift and we intend to make the best of what we have. I heard that two other LVAD patients have been transplanted recently. That's always great news. And, hopefully I won't be long. Only time will tell.

People often ask me, do they give you any idea of how long it will be till you get your heart?

It's in the hands of someone much more powerful. They cannot give me a timeline or any idea. They tell me that I am high on the list because I have the LVAD and there can be potential issues with it. But the list changes so often that they cannot know what will happen or provide any information to me. And so, I continue to wait, very patiently.

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