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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My six month anniversary.

Six months ago today I was put on the heart transplant list.
I'm not sure if I should be celebrating.

I like that it has fallen on NOTDAW. That's a great way to celebrate.

Today I went back to St. Mary's hospital to volunteer at the Organ and Tissue Donation booth. It was a very busy day. I had many interested people come over to have a chat. I ran in to more nurses, doctors and staff that I haven't seen since I stayed there six months ago. It's so nice to see everyone when the situations are much better. I also did a brief interview with the local newspaper. I'm not sure when the story will be put out but I will certainly post it when it's available.

Some people may say it's mean, but I like to see the reaction from them when I tell them I'm waiting on the heart transplant list. They often don't believe me. So it's even more fun when I tell them that I'm supported by the artificial heart. That's when people pick up more papers or just sign their consent right there. That doesn't qualify as some kind of duress, does it? LOL! I'm sure it doesn't. It's really nice for people to put a face to their cause. Most often it is expected that elderly people are on the list, not someone like me.

Here's a couple pictures of my booth. I wore a heart tag that told people I'm waiting for a heart and I wore a t-shirt that says "Be someone's miracle. Be an organ donor." I had a great day and again, learned so much.

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